Photos Policy

Good photos can really make your profile stand out, so we strongly encourage you post a number of them. Dating4disabled reserve the right to crop or reject photos as needed to keep a clean, attractive, appropriate atmosphere on the site. Your photos will appear on the site once they are approved by our site's admin.

 Photos will not be approved from these following reasons:

 Nudity, sheer/see-through clothing

Sexual content

Drawings, caricatures or other illustrations

Copyrighted images

Identifying information (ie: license plates, email or web addresses, visible street address numbers, etc.)

Illegal acts or violence

Minors alone in photos (without an adult included)



Also keep in mind the following:

Photos must be of yourself, and you must be recognizable in the photo

You must appear in the primary photo

Potentially offensive photos will not be approved

Image files must be received in an approved format (jpg, png, gif) and should be less than 1MB