We all know how difficult the dating scene today is :(. Think about how much more difficult it is for people with disabilities. A couple of years ago, several volunteers realized that the internet is the perfect means for the disabled to meet and get to know each other. And so Dating4Disabled was born.
We are a young site, and have no shares traded on the stock exchange. We have an incredible impact on the lives of special people with disabilities. Through, they meet new friends – and some fall in love. :)
Amanda has had chronic arthritis since the age of 5, and Jon was born with Cerebral Palsy. They got married in the presence of 100 guests on August 8, 2008 at the Castle Inn Hotel in Cumbria, England. Amanda adds “If it hadn’t been for, this would never have happened”.
Karl (NW Photoguy) whose life challenge is Nerve Damage, and Kendra (xebabex) with Sacral Agenesis met thru and wed in Bellevue, Washington in August.
July brought us the news of the engagement of members James & Jeanne (Jayabee52 & Jemago4). We spent the first evening dining and dancing and had lots of fun together. From the beginning, I was very comfortable with James and the way he handled my blindness. I was also very comfortable with his life challenges (dialysis)”.
We hope that you will consider helping us bring joy to people using our site, by donating what you can..
Whatever you can donate will be gratefully acknowledged.