Dating Advice

What Info Should You Include in Your Online Dating Profile


Dating for Disabled put together an easy checklist for your online dating profile. So before filling it out, take a few minutes to read through our suggestions of what a profile should look like:


  1.  Be creative. Think about what you want to say about yourself, and share some fun facts. These are also great conversation starters! You want to portray your fun side, so think about what you enjoy doing, and some original facts about yourself. For example: do you have any hobbies or pets?   


  1. Be Positive. Make sure the language you use to describe yourself is positive; positive dating profiles are more likely to get responses. The same goes for the “what I’m looking for” section, try and state who you are looking to date, and not who you aren’t.


  1. Post a great photo of yourself. Don’t post a photo is you aren’t ready, but if you are: make sure to post a couple, one that is full body, and one that’s a close-up of your face. Make sure the photo isn’t old or blurry, and that you’re smiling in it.

Most importantly, make sure the picture actually looks like you.


  1. Don't use cliches! Like: “I love to laugh and have fun.” Everyone likes that, try and be more original.


  1. Fill out the “Life Challenge” (Disability). People use dating for disabled in order to meet someone else who also has a disability. In fact if you don’t state what disability you have you might be reducing your chances of finding someone. So try and avoid: “I will tell you later”, because dating for disabled is a safe space to share info about your disability or medical condition, so don’t shy away from it.  


  1. Don’t lie! You can decide what to post, and what not to post. But make sure what you write is real and honest, because at some point you will want to meet for a face-to face date with someone, and they will notice you weren’t being truthful. Just don’t do it to begin with! It will only harm your chances of making real, genuine connections with other D4D members.


  1. Tell other members what you’re looking for. The looking For section of your online dating profile is there so you can advertise what you want. Are you on dating for disabled to look for a serious relationship? Then tell other members that’s what you want.


  1. Don’t post any contact information. It’s also against Dating 4 Disabled’s rules and regulations, but it is also not advised for safety reasons.


  1. Don’t post anything you don't feel comfortable sharing!


Don’t forget that the point of your online dating profile is to be the hook that draws other members in. The more attention grabbing information it has, the more messages you will receive. So make sure to take the time to think about it, and fill out your D4D profile properly.



How to Pick a Great Profile Pic for Your Online-Dating Profile


It’s a fact that profiles that have pictures get more messages on online matchmaking services, and on disabled matchmaking services. That said, don’t just post any old picture. Here are some tips for posting a photo that will improve your online-dating chances:


  1. Make sure that at least one of your photos is a head-shot, so people know what you look like, and another that is a full-body photo. Full-body shots have been found to be more successful, but that said, you should also have one where your face is clear.


  1. Post a photo that actually looks like you! When you show up for your first date with another dating for disabled member, the person you talked to online is expecting the person in the photo to show up! Make sure it isn't only a photo of you, but that it actually looks like you!


  1. Choose a photo only of you. If you're standing next to friends/family people might not understand which one is you. A dating website isn't Facebook, or google plus, here it's all about who you are. Show off your great smile, not your friends.


  1. Choose one photo in which you are doing something fun. Have a fun hobby? Visited a really cool place recently? You have room for 4 photos, why not use one slot for a fun pic. Posting a photo like that is attention grabbing, and will give other people a great way to start up a conversation with you.


  1. Make sure you are smiling! Profiles with positive photos and language are just more likely to get messages.


  1. Don’t post nude pics! Don’t post photos in which you are not wearing any clothes, or aren’t fully dressed. We won’t approve them.

Same goes for photos in which you do not appear (photos of only your dog and so on).


  1. If you're in a wheelchair/mobility device, walk with crutches, or have some sort of prosthetic, don't be embarrassed to post that photo! Dating for Disabled is here so you don't feel embarrassed to post a photo in your wheelchair, or of your arm/leg. At the end of the day, it's a disabled dating website!


  1. Don't forget that once you've posted a photo, it’s on the internet for everyone to see. Make sure the photo doesn't have any personal info. For example: did you take it in front of a landmark close to your home? Is it a photo with your house in the background? Safety first guys!


Your photo is there to grab people's attention, but it is also there because it gives your online dating profile a more personable feel. People can put a face to the words, and they can see your face. So when you feel ready, post a picture of yourself.


Click here to go to Dating4Disabled’s photo editor:



How to Post a Photo on Your Dating for Disabled Profile


You’ve registered for the site, filled out your profile and you’re ready to go! The last thing you need to do for your profile to be complete is upload a photo.


This is how you do it:


  1. Go to Dating 4 Disabled’s home page:


  1. Find the section of the page that says “your profile”.


  1. Scroll down to the “eye” icon and click on: “Edit your pictures”.


  1. Choose: “add pictures”, and then select the picture from your computer that you would like to upload. Make sure your picture is the right way up before uploading it.


Tip: save the photos on your desktop ahead of time so you can find them more easily.


  1. Once you’ve chosen your picture, make sure to click on the “add new photo” icon.


  1. this will send your photo to the admin for approval. Photos take between 24-48 hours to be approved.   


The reason we approve photos is for your own safety. It allows dating for disabled to remove users that have posted photos that are not genuine, and to keep the site “family friendly” by removing unsuitable ones.


  1. Once your photos have been approved, you will receive a notification, and they will appear on your profile.


If you’re having trouble uploading photos, or you have any questions as to why your photo was not approved, please email D4D’s admin at: [email protected] or use the site’s contact sheet:



Why Use a Disabled Matchmaking Service and is it a Good Fit for You?


Dating for disabled is what you would call a “niche dating site”, meaning, it caters to a very specific group of people, people with disabilities.  


The reason many people decide to use "niche dating sites", or in this case a disability matchmaking service, is because the big dating sites just don’t fit their needs. What do I mean by this? Say it's the weekends and you've decided to get a group of friends together to go out in the hopes of meeting other singles. You're probably going to pick the venue according to the kind of person you would like to meet there, not stand in town square and randomly ask people out! You're going to carefully pick a place where you think someone like minded is going to hang out. If you're really into sports, you might pick a sports bar. If you're gay, then probably a gay-bar or club, and if it's really important to you that your future partner be as religious as you, a church singles mixer might be your best bet to find your future spouse. The point is, you will choose these location with great care, and according to the kind of people who you know are there. In reality ,your "hang out" choices are NEVER random, so why should your internet ones be? That is exactly what niche dating sites offer you, a chance to be more specific about the kind of people you would like to meet and date. This is where sites like dating for disabled come in, we are an online matchmaking site for people with disabilities. These sites are for people who are looking to have their unique needs met, and meet other people with disabilities. This is why the LGBTQ community, religious denominations, and even people with disabilities, prefer smaller and more specialized online dating services. When you sign up to a niche dating site, as opposed to one of the bigger ones, you are doing it because you want to hone your search. You want to meet people who are more like you, and who will accept you for who you are. It basically boils down to how comfortable you feel. This is the first thing you have to ask yourself when approaching online dating: where will you feel most at ease meeting new people? If you feel like you would rather meet someone else who too has a disability, maybe a dating site for disabled singles will fit the bill for you. If you are not a member of dating for disabled, and would like to be, please click here to register for free:



Activity Ideas for a First Date


If you’re finally meeting up with another dating for disabled member for a date, here are some great first date activity ideas. There are just two really important things to bare in mind beforehand. The first is, are the location and activity you’re choosing suitable for your date? Is the restaurant or bar wheelchair accessible? Are you planning to do something outdoors- can they do that? These are important things to check out before your date! Don’t forget that most of Dating for Disabled’s members have some sort of physical restriction or disability, so check in with them before the date. The second thing you want to pay attention to, is how much is this date going to cost. Whether or not you’re living on disability, going on a lot of first dates starts getting expensive, so put away your wallet! Here are some cheap and fun first date ideas:


  1. Cheap dinner- dating can get really pricey if you are going on lots of dates. So pick something inexpensive like a tasty new food truck, or maybe pack a picnic and take it to a nice scenic location. That said, safety first, don’t wander off- stick to public places with lots of people.


  1. Classic coffee shop date- sometimes things are a classic for a reason. A cup of coffee is inexpensive, and coffee shops are a quite location where you can sit down for a chat. After all, what more do you need from a first date than a quiet place to get to know one another better.


  1. Get fruit-shakes or ice cream- why not get something to cool off with while taking a walk around town? This is a great activity for a weekend afternoon. Plus, the act of eating and walking will make you feel less self-conscious, and will help you relax and have fun.  


  1. Go bowling, or choose another fun activity- This way you can go and have fun! After all, the point of a first date is to enjoy yourself.

(Just a reminder, if the person you’re going out with has a disability, check in with them ahead of time what they can and can’t do).


  1. Something creative- take your date to feed the ducks in the pond, or get bubble tea and drink it in the park. Take them to a place where you feel most at ease and can relax and have fun.


That the point of a first date isn’t to spend a lot of money, or hours planning the perfect date, but to get to know another person. So save the expensive dinners, and intricately thought out evenings for later on in the relationship.  




Things You Should Never do On a First Date


You’re finally meeting your dating for disabled flame for the first time, and you’re taking them out for the very first date! Here are some things you should never do if you would like it to go smoothly:


  1. Invite them over to your place. Never give anyone your address, arrange to meet in a public place. Read more on safety tips for online dating here:


  1. Come with expectation. Don't expect anything at all, don't expect the date to be amazing, don't expect another date, don't expect them to invite you back to their place, and don't expect that you’ve found "the one." If you build up the date too much in your imagination, you can end up being REALLY disappointed! Just go into the whole thing with an open mind.


  1. Pick a really expensive venue for your date. Whether or not you're on disability, most people don't have the money to go on a lot of first dates, because it starts getting really expensive. Pick a coffee shop, and stick to a cup of coffee. That way, whoever picks up the tab won’t feel uncomfortable.


  1. Be really anxious. Do something fun to calm down before the date if you’re nervous: watch your favorite TV show, call your mum, or eat half a pint of ice-cream in the bath; just do something you know relaxes you. Most of us get a little nervous before a date, so it's important to calm down beforehand.


  1. Pick a venue that isn't wheelchair accessible. Many of our members on dating for disabled are wheelchair users, or have a mobility challenge. If your date is a wheelchair user, make sure to phone ahead to make sure the place is accessible.


  1. Not offer to pay your half. You don't have to offer to pay the whole thing, put you should at the very least offer to pay your half.


  1. Stand someone up or leave in the middle. Look, sometimes the person you got to know online isn't quite like the person that showed up for your date. Maybe there just isn't any chemistry, and that's OK! But sitting and having a cup of coffee costs you an hour of your life, and four bucks. So don't scar someone and put them off online-dating or dating in general for that matter, just because they aren't exactly what you were expecting. And who knows, you might even be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Get drunk. It's OK to go out for one drink on a first date, just don't get drunk.


  1. Keep staring at your phone or playing with it. It's just disrespectful, you can afford to put it on silent for an hour, and devote your attention to your date.


  1. Talk about: politics, your ex or anything controversial. The objective is to get to know your date, not get into an argument, or make them feel uncomfortable. If they have a disability or medical condition, don't bring it up, let them talk about it when they feel like doing so. Unless of course, you have the same disability, and have already talked about it online, in which case, go for it, just as long as you’re picking up a conversation you’ve already started.


  1. Bring along a chaperon if it hasn’t been agreed upon ahead of time. Don’t blindside them by showing up with a friend or relative without talking about it beforehand.


  1. Be late. Being late is just inconsiderate. Try and make it on time, and if you do end up running late, make sure to call and let them know. Also, don’t forget to apologize!


Just be yourself, you’ve already been chatting to them online. You’ve probably spent ages messaging on the dating-site, so when you show up just act like you’re old friends and are picking up where you left off online.



How Long Should You Wait Before Calling After a First Date?


You’ve been on a first date with another dating for disabled member, and now you’re wondering how long you should wait to call, text or message them on the site. Here are some easy tips that might make your life a little easier in this regard:


  1. Don’t overthink it. If you both had a good time, and it feels natural, text them when you get home that you had a great time and you would love to do it again soon.


  1. Wait a couple of days to call. You’ve already reassured them that you had a great time, and that you would like to see them again, so they know where things stand. But you still want to take things slowly.


  1. I would suggest that phoning and texting should be like a good face to face conversation. It should essentially look like ping-pong: you call they call, you text they text. This isn’t playing games, this is just being polite and not overwhelming each-other with texts.

That said, it’s ok to break the pattern from time to time.


  1. Keep conversations short, you guys are still at the beginning and might not have tons to talk about, and you don't want the conversation to get awkward. Plus, you want to have small talk left for a second date. Despite this, if you find yourself talking for ages and the conversation just flows, that’s awesome! Don’t fight it. But if things don’t go amazingly smoothly don’t sweat it, it usually takes a little time for familiarity to set in.


  1. Don’t arrange to meet again the next day, wait a few days between dates, it’s perfectly fine take things at a slow and easy pace. It takes time to get to know someone.


  1. Don’t delete your online dating account just yet. You still don’t know where things are going, so don’t get ahead of yourself and delete your online dating profile just yet.  




What Services Does Dating for Disabled offer?


Dating for disabled is an online matchmaking service for disabled singles. The site offers a wide range of services to people with disabilities:


  1. Matchmaking- foremost we are an online dating service. If you are single and disabled, and would like to meet someone else who is as well, we offer a top-notch dating algorithm to help pair you with the perfect match.


  1. Chat & message- you are free to send as many messages as you like to other dating 4 disabled members, so long as they are not spamming. You can also use our instant messaging service.


  1. As of today, dating for disabled is the only disabled dating site that offers a free smartphone app. You can download the app for free, for Android:

And for iPhone:

Dating4Disabled is also available as a mobile site:


  1. Blogs and Forums- If you’re on the site to make friends as well as date, you should look into joining the discussions in the forums, or starting your own blog. Taking part in the community is a great way to meet people.


  1. Dating advice- Dating for disabled has a dating advice blog, if you would like tips on online dating feel free to check it out.  




Things You Should Never Talk about on a First Date


First dates can be stressful enough without the added stress of small-talk. But If you met your date on an online dating site, like dating 4 disabled, you've probably already had a few conversations before arranging to meet. That said, you've never actually talked face to face (unless of course you've already skyped). But talking face to face isn't quite like chatting on a dating site; you don't have as much time to collect your thoughts, and think about witty responses.


  1. Politics, religion, or anything taboo. If someone isn't of your religion, or vote for the same political party as you, and if for you that's a deal breaker, find this out ahead of time! After all, you've already been chatting on dating for disabled, find this out before agreeing to go on a date. Arguments like this can never end well, so just avoid talking about it.


  1. Exes. Don't talk about your ex-wife or husband, about the last relationship that crashed and burned, or about how emotionally scarred you are. These are things you should talk about, but later on, not on a first date.


  1. Marriage and Kids. The great thing about disabled dating sites is that you may have both listed in your profile what you want. But, you should still not jump the gun! The first few dates are meant so you can get to know one another and see if you even like each-other.


  1. Disability. If you both have the same medical condition or disability, then it is absolutely fine to bring it up. But if your date hasn't talked about it in person, or online, let them bring it up when they're ready to do so. The point of disabled dating sites is to allow you to have everything on the table, but some people still feel uncomfortable discussing the topic, or they would like to bring it up themselves when the feel ready. That is something that you should respect.


  1. Anything that seems to make your date uncomfortable. Pay attention to the person sitting in front of you! If they seem awkward or tense because of a topic, change it!


Just be considerate of your date. If you pay attention to their reactions and change the subject if the conversation doesn’t flow you will be fine.  




How Much Does Dating for Disabled Cost?


Dating for disabled is a free disabled matchmaking service: signing up, sending messages, using the blogs and forums is completely free of charge. When we first started dating for disabled in 2005 the service was completely free, but to deal with the costs of storing and running the site we charge a small fee.

The more months you sign up for, the cheaper it is, if you would like more info on subscription fees, please click here:


What do you get for your money?


When you get a subscription for the site, you are able to read an unlimited number of messages from other dating4disabled members. Moreover, any other D4D member that you message can read what you sent irrelevant to whether or not they have a free point.


If you joined an online matchmaking service in order to find love, and you are serious about meeting other disabled singles, you should consider this as an option for you. It will increase your chances of meeting someone to date. After all, that’s what you signed up for the site to do!  




Is Online-Dating Socially Acceptable?


"Is Online-Dating Socially Acceptable?" Is a question that worries many of us while making the decision whether or not to sign up to an online matchmaking service (disabled or not). We are constantly worried about what will people say if we tell them we use online dating. We worry that it makes us look desperate, or pathetic. But let’s talk about this idea: since social media took over our lives a few years back, a large amount of our interactions with our friends happen in virtual reality. Most of us even google-chat with our co-workers and parents. We have exchanged printing out pictures for photo-albums, for virtual ones on Facebook, because it's easier to share our pictures and lives with our friends using the internet. We even make plans to meet up through chat. So, if the bulk of our social lives and interactions happen online, then why is it suddenly taboo or wrong to use a dating service for our love-lives? The idea behind dating sites is that there are hundreds of people out there that can be potential matches for us, but we have no way of meeting them. These are people that we don't have any friends in common with, we don't share the same hang-outs, or gym classes with. They may very well be the potential love of our life but we will never meet them without the help of online matchmaking services. The amazing thing about online dating and matchmaking services is that they can help connect us with lots of other people who are looking for the same thing. If you are serious about meeting someone and settling down, you can look for other people who want the same thing as you. If what you want is to meet other disabled singles for a serious relationship, online matchmaking services like dating for disabled can help make that happen. People who don’t believe in online dating sites usually say: "I don't need online dating, I can meet people just fine in real life". But they don't understand that they are missing the point, it isn't always about whether or not you meet other singles in bars, or through friends, it's about all of those people you are NOT meeting. All of those people who run in different social circles, or work and live in a part of town you never go. It's about what you're missing out on. Sometimes, serendipity just isn't enough to make things happen! Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands and register for an online dating site to meet all of those people you have no way of running into on the street, or in a bar. Whether you are disabled or not, it isn't always easy to meet people to date. Dating sites are just a means to an end, a tool that can help connect you with other people who are looking for love. Just like you use twitter, Facebook and other sites to connect with your friends, why not consider using a dating site to connect with other single people?




How to Check If Your Date Location is Accessible


Dating for disabled is an online matchmaking service for people with disabilities, and as such, you should take this into account when choosing a restaurant or coffee-shop for your date (if your date uses a wheelchair that is) that you will need an accessible location. The first thing that is important to clear up is: what does wheelchair accessible even mean, and how do you know if the venue really is wheelchair accessible? It might be a very awkward start to the night to show up for the date, only to discover, that the place isn't really accessible at all. Obviously, if you are in a wheelchair yourself, you will know which places are accessible, and which aren't, but if you're going on a date with someone who uses a wheelchair, here are some basic questions you should be asking. Note that sometimes it isn't enough to just ask if a place is accessible, because you might get a not very well thought out yes. In which case, don't be afraid to ask a few questions just to double check:


  1. Does the place have a ramp as well as stairs? Make sure the waiter hasn't forgotten that one stair at the entrance. If the restaurant is ground level you should be OK.


  1. Do they have a bathroom that is suitable?


  1. Can you comfortably get from the door to the table (are the tables pushed together so tightly there is no room to get by them). If you are booking a table, be sure to not only ask if the place is wheelchair accessible, but that your table is as well.


  1. If your date is showing up by car, make sure that the parking lot has allocated spaces.


Don't be afraid to be annoying on the phone! It's better to drive the person who answers the phone mad for two minutes, than show up with your date and discover they were wrong on the phone.


Many local organizations for people with disabilities will list on their website the local establishments that are accessible. So use google to find out if your local municipality has a list of businesses that are suited to disable people who are wheelchair users.   




Why do people with disabilities prefer to date other people with disabilities?


The fact that you are disabled doesn't necessarily mean you have, or should, date other singles, but you might want to. When it comes to finding love online, it is completely up to you who you want to meet, when you meet them, and how you meet them. You can decide if you would like to date people without a disability, or people with a disability; choice is the key word here, you choose! The reason some people decide to sign up for disabled dating services is because they feel more comfortable doing so, in comparison to some of the other, bigger, dating sites out there. Comfort is also important, when it comes to making the choice to use a disabled matchmaking service, or for that matter, any matchmaking service.

When you choose a dating site to sign up to, you have to ask yourself: what kind of people you would like to meet? Many people decide to sign up for a disabled dating service like Dating4disabled because of comfort, because THEY feel more comfortable there.


  1. People with disabilities understand what it’s like to live with a disability. From time to time, we all feel misunderstood, like no one out there can possibly understand what we are going through. This feeling can sometimes be even stronger in people with disabilities. There are people who feel like someone else with a disability can understand them better, and these are the kind of people who prefer to use sites like dating for disabled- it’s just a personal preference..


  1. You don’t have to “disclose” you have a disability, because everyone already knows! From the time that you register for the site, you tick the box that lets people know what kind of life challenge you have, and that’s that! Everything is out in the open, you don’t need to worry about having to awkwardly tell someone later on. Or worry about the consequences and reactions.


  1. Fear of being rejected because of a disability. This is true for all aspects of life, but it’s even more profound when it comes to dating- there is a constant fear of rejection. Here, people come wanting to meet someone else who is also living with a disability, they want to meet someone like themselves.


  1. Discomfort when it comes to posting photos. On a big dating site you might feel uncomfortable posting a pic of you in a wheelchair because you’re afraid less people will message you. If that’s the case, you should know that here that’s the norm, post a picture of who you are, and what you really look like!  




Online support groups for people with disabilities and disabled singles


People with disabilities, beyond needing support from health-care professionals, also need emotional support. This support can come in many different forms: from close family and friends, from a professional therapist, or from a support group. Support groups are there to help people by not only giving them advice on how to live their day-to-day lives, but also be there to alleviate loneliness, to allow people with disabilities a feeling of comradery, they they are not going through this alone. Everyone needs support in a different way, some people just need a hug from a loved one, while others need to talk it out. This talking it out is precisely what support groups are, they don’t only fulfill the need to be heard, but also help provide practical advice for people living with disabilities, or health problems. But not everyone has access to a support group, some people live in rural areas and don’t have the ability to get the emotional help that they need.   

This is where the wonderful power of the internet comes in. The internet allows people from all over the US, and the world to connect and form online-support groups, in this case, for people with disabilities. Some people who don’t have the access to support in “real-life”, and even some who do, but prefer the anonymity the internet offers, use websites like dating4disabled to connect with other people with disabilities.

Our site isn’t only here to offer a disabled matchmaking service, but also to be a support group and safety-net for those people who need it.

If you have a disability and are looking for someone to share your life and challenges with, and find a sympathetic and understanding ear in return, this is a great place for you. Our members are all people with disabilities or medical conditions looking for love, but many of them are also looking for friendship and support.

After all, we are all looking for someone to understand us, and to be there for us.




Are you serious about meeting someone using online dating?


The reason you’ve taken the leap and signed up to a disabled dating site like dating for disabled, is because you hope to meet another person who is also living with a disability. For some people it feels perfectly natural to meet other people using online dating sites, whilst for others, it may have take them months of deliberation before plucking up the courage to sign-up. Either way, it’s important to have the right-attitude when it comes to online-dating.


  1. Do you want a serious relationship and are you in a place to have a serious relationship with another person? Sometimes, we sign up to a dating service hoping that we will just meet someone, but what we neglect to realize, is that we don’t make the effort it isn’t going to just happen on its own. If you are only halfheartedly using a dating site for people with disabilities, you are hurting your own chances of actually meeting someone. People can sense hesitation and emotional unavailability! Sit down, and have a proper think about what kind of relationship you are looking for, and what kind of person you are looking to have it with.     


  1. Have you filled out your profile correctly and added a picture of yourself? If the reason you haven’t filled out your online dating profile properly and added a picture is because you aren’t a hundred percent sure you really want to use an online dating site, you will receive less messages, and less replies. If you are on dating for disabled to find love, you have to do it properly, and by properly I mean- fill out your profile, especially the “about me” and “looking for” sections. When you’re done, use dating4disabled for a few days just to get the hang of it, and when you feel comfortable, add a photo of yourself.


  1. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your disability. People are on dating4disabled to meet someone else who also has a disability, so in fact, not talking about it might cause you to get less messages. List your medical condition, and disability information in your profile, as well as the “mobility” section.


If you are going to spend the time using a dating site, do it properly! Fill out your profile and interact with other members. Use our free blogs and forums, message other members, and be yourself. If you are uncertain and hesitant to put yourself out there, you may end up missing opportunities to make real connections with other people.




Can people who don’t have a disability use dating for disabled?



Dating for disabled was created as an online matchmaking service for people with disabilities, but that said, people who don’t have a disability or medical condition can also use our service so long as they are respectful of the site’s members. The site does not tolerate people who try to use it for purposes that are liable to degrade our members, or make them feel uncomfortable. The same goes for people trying to run scams. If you don’t have a disability you can still use the site so long as your intentions are honorable. But you should also take into consideration that the people with disabilities who sign up for dating4disabled do so because they would like to meet someone else who also has a disability, so don’t be offended if you receive less replies because you do not have a disability. We are a service for people with disabilities, but we are open to everyone.        




How do I Message Other People With Disabilities on Dating for Disabled?


If you are new to dating or disabled dating sites like dating for disabled, you may be a little hesitant to message other members. First of all, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Everybody is always a little nervous before trying something new.

The first thing you want to do is read member profiles, either those you found using the search and advanced search tools, or ones that appear on your home page, in the “matches” section (on the right hand side of the page). Once you’ve found a couple of profiles that you like, read them through thoroughly. That way you can assess if their profiles seems genuine, if you have something in common, and gather some info so you can best personalize the message you send them. The most important things you want to look out for are: 1. are they single. 2. what are they looking for? A long term relationship, or maybe just friendship?

Once you’ve figured out what kind of relationship they are interested in finding, and what kind of person they would like to meet and date, move onto sending them a message. Click on the “email me” (letter) icon, that’s located at both the top and bottom of their dating for disabled member profile.

The last stage is the tricky part, here you actually have to put some thought into what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it. For this part, I suggest you read this blog post:

How to Write a Message on an Online-Dating Site”.

Now, all’s you have to do is sit back and wait for them to reply to your message!   




I Can’t Find Another Dating for Disabled Member in My Area- Help!


If you would like to meet other dating for disabled members near you, you have to use our matchmaking search engine, otherwise known as our advance search tools. It’s dead easy to do, but unless you save your search preferences the system will not automatically suggest matches in your city. So, let’s say you currently live in New York City, and would like to meet other people with disabilities who also live in NYC.

The first thing you want to do is go to the tab at the top of the page that says “search”. Once the page has loaded ignore the results and click on “advanced search”, now click on “Edit your saved search preferences”. Now you will be confronted with the same screen you yourself filled out when you signed up for dating 4 disabled.

Just tick off all of the things you would like in a partner. How far from you is too far: you only want to meet other singles in your city or state, then set your kilometer preference. Maybe you only want to meet people who are of a certain age, you can choose that here too. Maybe you only want to meet someone with a certain kind of disability, or medical condition- you can tick off those boxes too. It’s completely up to you what kind of person you would like to meet.

Once you’ve selected your search preferences, don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select save. If in the future you change your mind, just go back and repeat what you just did.




Do I Have to Tell People What Kind of Disability I’m Living With?


If you’re using online dating services you are probably used to worrying about at what point you are expected to disclose that you have a disability. Or possibly, you are worried if to put it in your profile, or should you tell people you are chatting to. In short, you may be worrying about it, but you may be completely comfortable about it as well. This post is more for people who feel nervous telling other members of an online dating site that they have a disability, or are worrying about WHEN exactly they should tell other members.

It’s important to note that dating4disabled isn’t the usual kind of online matchmaking service you’re used to, most of our members have a disability or medical condition, and they are using the site in order to meet someone else who also has. So your starting mindset should be that this poses as an advantage, not a disadvantage. In fact, if you don’t write that you have a disability, or you avoid the question by writing “later”, you may in fact get less messages on the site.  

The whole point of deciding to use an online disabled dating service is not having to worry about these things in the first place. So you should really put your mind at ease as far as worrying about when and how to tell people. When you fill out your profile just tick the box next to your medical condition/disability, and if you feel you have anything to add, then you can take advantage of the “about me section”, and that’s that. People are no on the site to judge, they are here because they too have a disability and would like to meet someone who can understand what that’s like!




What Kind of Disabilities do Dating4Disabled Members have?


For your comfort, we have put together a complete and alphabetized list of the different disabilities and medical conditions that appear on the dating4disabled sign-up sheet and in the advanced search settings:


Advanced Disintegrating Disc Disease, Agoraphobia, Amputee, Arthritis, Arthrogryposis, Aspergers, Syndrome, Asthma Bipolar Disorder, Blind & Hearing Impaired Blind (One Eye), Blind / Sight Impaired, Brain Injured, Brittle bone disease, Burn Victim, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Charcot Marie Tooth, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, Colitis, Colorblind, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Crohns Disease, Cushing's Syndrome/Disease Cystic Fibrosis Deaf / Hearing Impaired Depression / Anxiety Developmental Disorders, Diabetes, Dialysis Kidney Failure, Diverticulitis, Down Syndrome, Dwarfism, Dyslexia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Epilepsy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Friedreich's Ataxia Heart Disease (Cardiac/ Cardiomyopathy), I am not disabled, Interstitial cystitis Klippel-Feil Syndrome, Learning Disabled, Lyme Disease, M.E. MCS Mobility Challenged, Multiple Personality Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Myopia, Neurological Disorder, Obesity Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Paraplegic / Quadriplegic, Parkinsons Disease, Polio, Prostate Cancer, PST, Polio Syndrome, PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Hypoglycemia, Reflex Sympathetic, Dystrophy (RSD), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sacral Agenesis, Sarcoidosis, Schizophrenia, Scoliosis, Spasmodic dysphonia, Speech Disorder, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke Survivor, Systemic Lupus, Erythematosus (SLE), Wheelchair User, and Williams Syndrome.


You can only pick one life challenge (disability/medical condition) from the drop down menu when you sign up (when you’re using the advanced tools you can tick off as many as you like). So if you have more than one, what you can do is write it in your about me section of your profile.

If your condition is not on the list: feel free to email us and ask us to add it. If the name of a specific disability has changed, and you would like us to update it, please feel free to let us know so we can fix it!


Contact sheet/[email protected]




DTN- Online Dating Advice:


“Dating sites aren’t always that easiest to navigate, especially if you haven’t used one before. So, If you are currently using an online dating service, or planning to in the future, here are some great tips that will help you be successful at finding someone” - See more at:




Why Are Some People With Disabilities Embarrassed to Use a Disabled Matchmaking Service?


Whether or not this applies to you personally, here are some great reasons why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or awkward using and online dating service for people with disabilities.


More and more people gradually use some sort of online dating or matchmaking service. Not everyone necessarily talks about it, but many people do it. It’s just such an easy way of meeting people online to date, that many people decide to give it a go. Just like a large chunk of your social life happens on some sort of social media platform, then why not allow your love-life to as well. Given that you’re already convinced that trying an online dating service is a good idea, then why not take the next step and ask yourself what kind of person you would like to meet on said online dating service. You’ve probably got a rough idea in your mind what kind of person you would like to meet. Possibly what they will look like, what they do for a living, or some other criteria you’ve picked out for your potential match. Now, many people with disabilities also like the idea of meeting someone else who is also disabled. Every one of our dating4disabled members has a different reason for preferring to date another person with a disability. Some people would rather date someone who has the same medical condition as their own, and others would just like to meet someone who has also overcome adversity. Possibly because they will be able to understand them better, or possibly because they know what they've been through. Whatever the reason, if you have a disability you fit in here. Dating4disabled is a safe space to meet, talk, date and share your life with other people who haven’t necessarily had the easiest time meeting and dating other people, or people who would just prefer to date someone who is disabled. Again, it doesn’t matter what the rationale is, D4D has become an online community.